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[2018-09-13] Look back--XTAR Vape Korea Expo 2018 [2018-09-1
Published in 2019-02-21 Come from XTAR


On September 7-9, the 1st Korea international vape exhibition was held in  Hall 3, KINTEX,Gaoyang, Korea.


VAPE KOREA EXPO will feature the latest products and services from major companies in the industry and provide an excellent opportunity to connect with consumers in Korea. More than 250 exhibitors were participant the show.



It was XTAR first time to step into Korea Vape show, wed like to bring XTAR the safe, quality, reliable products to all Korean vapers.



The XTAR SC2 PB2 and VC2S are new released chargers in the next half year of 2018. Perfect match the usage habit of Korea market---compact and fast.



People are lining up at the first day of the show. Also it was the 1st exhibition on electronic cigarettes!! Vape enthusiasts cant wait to find out what is it inside.



The clouds began to thicken.



Customer were interesting in the new products to bring to them and consulted  the product information with XTAR sales.



XTAR chargers meet all your different needs.



The stage made exclusively for manufacturers and customers to communicate.

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