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[2016-10-17] Welcome QUEEN ANT MC6 to join the MC big family
Published in 2018-12-28 Come from XTAR


Deserving attentions! Another long-anticipated new XTAR product, QUEEN ANT MC6 , the smart 6-slot Li-ion battery charger has officially released and come to market today. As a splendid advantage, XTAR MC series chargers always keep good compactness and portability. QUEEN ANT is no exception. With 6 slots, MC6 can meet your need of charging 6 batteries at the same time but still be ultra compact. QUEEN ANT, the united power.

Micro USB Charge Port
Throw away the inconvenience of DC USB cable! Built with micro USB charging ports, QUEEN ANT is not limited the special cables any more. Compatible with all 5V USB power, QUEEN ANT can be used at anytime with any micro USB cables conveniently. This will be the first micro USB 6-slot charger you can see.


Effective and Big Current
Although charging more batteries concurrently is a big highlight of QUEEN ANT, its high effectively charging function is also worth mentioning. It can intelligently distribute the power to each slot for maximizing charging effectiveness. Four slots can charge fast with 1A at the same time. It is so surprising to save your charging time.


Just what you need, nothing more, nothing less. You could learn all charging status by the tiny LCD screen clearly. Compact design rejects all excess burdens. QUEEN ANT, the united power, sticks to be your portable and intelligent charger. Click here to learn more about QUEEN ANT MC6.

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