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[2016-09-28] After Show Report of the 6th International Vape
Published in 2018-12-28 Come from XTAR

Sept 27th, 2016, the 6th VAPEXPO was concluded satisfactorily in Paris. Vapers from all around the world had a great enthusiasm to participate in this show. The first day of this exhibition you could see a spectacular scene that the queue of entering the exhibition was longer than 2 km! With the development of the vape industry, more and more people take a great interest and have faith in this industry.

( Here are some pictures about the queue of entering the exhibition. )



There were many famous professional reviews attending this exhibition. Meanwhile, Phil, one of the famous vape reviews, made a brilliant speech about vape on the spot. What’s more, some YouTube famous vape reviews specially visited XTAR booth and made videos about XTAR products. All of them spoke highly of XTAR products. It is a great pleasure to gain their recognition in this industry.

(Here are some pictures about some famous professional reviews.)





At this exhibition, XTAR came to people’s view with the most popular innovative chargers, new visual identity, and most importantly, two new members of XTAR chargers - DRAGON VP4 Plus and QUEEN ANT MC6 (come to market at October17th) . Distributors, professional reviews and vape enthusiasts showed great interests to these attractive products. Especially after learning about DRAGON, they were profuse in praise of its powerful functions and would like to own one.

( Some visitors are learning about XTAR products.  )



It is a perfect occasion to communicate with customers and professional players about the industry future and various corporate opportunities. As XTAR always keep in mind - finding the customer requirement and making user-oriented products to let people enjoy their life better.

Soon, XTAR team will go to Beijing, another big event of vape industry - the 4th CECMOL VAPE EXPO. From October 17th to 19th, XTAR booth is AT06, a new product will be release on the show. Come and experience the best products!
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(XTAR team are taking photos with customers.)

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