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[2016-09-23]New Arrival Charger: DRAGON VP4 Plus is coming!
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On September 23rd, a professional and powerful charger which can precisely test capacity, voltage and internal resistance of battery has come to market. You can see four main functions of DRAGON: battery pack and battery charging, REFRESH/TEST modes, battery internal resistance test, USB output. As a new member of VP series, DRAGON still keep high precision and it is reliable to be your personal battery doctor.


Charge 11V/3S Battery Pack
Rarely find a good 11V/3S battery pack charger? DRAGON can charge 11V/3S battery pack as well as Li-ion/Ni-MH batteries. With a balance charging way, each battery of pack will be charged fully. DRAGON can take good care of your 11V 3S battery pack. Specially meet the charging needs of model aircraft/ship enthusiasts.


Test the Battery Capacity
Do you feel your batteries less and less durable? Or have you doubted whether your battery capacity is overstated? DRAGON has a TEST mode to clean your doubts. In TEST mode (Charge-Discharge-Charge), the charger can test the max discharge capacity of your battery so you can know the real capacity and usage of your battery.


Test Battery Voltage and Internal Resistance
Maybe you have not known that your battery will produce internal resistance? Batteries with higher resistance generally have more restrictions to deliver the energy. Equipped with a pair of probes, DRAGON can test and show the voltage and internal resistance of battery at the same time so that you can learn more about the status of your battery.


Eliminate the Memory Effect of Ni-MH Battery
Never be a good news that if your Ni-MH battery has a memory effect. Take it easy! Inserting them into DRAGON and starting REFRESH mode, you can eliminate the memory effect of your Ni-MH batteries and maximize their capacities.


Adding the phonic reminder and larger LCD screen to DRAGON, XTAR devotes to provide better user experiences and bring more conveniences to our customers. It also  obviously shows XTAR three brand pillars: focus, reliability and innovation.

DRAGON, is your personal battery doctor which could bring you a higher quality life.

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