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[2016-07-29]XTAR, New Start! Introducing of XTAR Fresh New I
Published in 2018-12-28 Come from XTAR


Obviously you have noticed the new visual identity on XTAR website, social media accounts, videos, products, packages, etc. As you see, XTAR evolved its brand with a new identity in this 10th anniversary! How do you think about the upgrade? Here is the introducing of the new VI system.


In the new visual identity, the straight line and angular typeface of XTAR four-letter logo embodies our strong desire to be the reliable power for customers, echoing XTAR new slogan Power in your hands. The characteristic XTAR blue symbolizes the image of stability, technology, and wisdom. Two crossed lines of supporting graphics are extended and infinite, representing the variety and flexibility of XTAR products.


Brand enhancement of 10th anniversary is more than a visual identity renewal - it reflects our unchanged determination to produce user-orientated products, to provide dependable service. Hope this striking visual identity can give you a refreshing feel and deliver the three brand pillars of XTAR: focus, reliability and innovation!


In the coming future we will research and develop more innovative products to serve your needs. Please expect the surprises that XTAR will bring you in the future!

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