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[2016-12-06] Congratulations on XTAR Team Reaching the Summi
Published in 2018-12-28 Come from XTAR


December 5th,2016, XTAR team successfully reach the summit of Mount Wu Tong, with the height of 944 meters above the sea level. This is a very meaningful activity and achievement for whole XTAR team because it’s full of challenge for mentality and physiology. The process was difficulty, but when we reach the summit, the scenery was so splendid that made us forget all tiredness and be so proud of our team. All efforts were not wasted because we harvested the best view at the destination!


Every year our company will organize this activity for improving our group cohesiveness and perseverance, which gradually becomes one of the XTAR traditions. Exercise and sport spirit, as a part of our corporate culture, is always attached great importance. It is the reason that we are such an energetic team that always keep enthusiastic to research and develop more good products and provide the best service for our customers. The spirits of focus, reliability and innovation will encourage us to overcome all difficulties and keep going all the time.

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