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[2016-10-20]The Review of CECMOL The 4th VAPE EXPO CHINA
Published in 2018-12-28 Come from XTAR

October 19th, 2016, the three-day event, CECMOL the 4th VAPEXPO CHINA was successfully concluded in Beijing. Vape enthusiasts and industry specialists from all over the world came to this exhibition for learning the newest vape products, sharing the newest industry information and discussing the future development trend of vape industry. The potential of vape market is immeasurable in China, so this year, more than 500 exhibitors attended to show their products about electronic cigarette.



October 17th, XTAR hold a new product launch meeting on the center stage. Mainly introduced the XTAR tenth anniversary brand upgradethe birth process a XTAR charger, and two new releases - DRAGON VP4 Plus and QUEEN ANT MC6. This meeting well interpreted how people work and what is they believe in XTAR. Moreover, it attracted many professional reviews and authoritative medias to interview XTAR team, and a great number of distributors and vape enthusiasts to XTAR booth for experiencing XTAR chargers.



October 18th, XTAR sponsored LOV Chinese Vape Final Competition with a free charging station as well as the charging station on the booth. The charging station given great convenience for competitors, visitors and exhibitors on the venue, also brought highly speaking of XTAR products. As one participator said, you can always get the best performance for devices with XTAR products.



It is a perfect occasion that XTAR team could communicate with the customers and professional reviews about the industry future and more corporate opportunities. XTAR will keep going in learning customers’ requirements and making user-oriented products to let people enjoy their life better.




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