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R30 U2
Published in 2018-12-24 Come from XTAR

  • R30 U2
  • Ergonomic Design, Double-TAP Switch for Strobe Mode, Memory Function

    • Built-in charging circuit, Capable with USB 3.0 Charging

    • Maximum Output 1000Lm, 50000h Lifespan, Orange Peel Reflector

    • Ultra-clear Tempered Glass Lens with Anti-reflective Coating

    • Built-in Versatile LED Indicator, Low Power Alert, Charging Status Indication

    • Provides Superior Contact and Prevents Oxidation




Product Description

USB 3.0 built-in charging circuit. Capable of USB 3.0 charging.

XM-L2 U2 LED maximum output 1000lm, 50000h lifespan, orange peel reflector.

Ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating. Common glass: 89-92% transmittance, R30 98.5% transmittance.

Lighting modes: maximum output 1000lm, maximum intensity 18500cd, beam throw 272m. Wide beam with superior distance.

Use Method. Ergonomic Design, double-tap switch for strobe mode, memory function.

Side Switch. Built-in versatile LED indicator. Low power Alert, charging status indication.

Double Gold-plated Spring provides superior contact and prevents Oxidation. Efficient CC Drive Circuit and Intelligent Charging Circuit.

Shell Material grade 304 stainless steel head. Type Ⅲ hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.

Appearance Design. Headstand, Tailstand, anti-roll.

Excellent colling design. Extended lifespan, longevity.

Waterproof IPX8 (underwater 2m)

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