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B20 L2 U3
Published in 2018-12-24 Come from XTAR

  • B20 L2 U3
  • Ergonomic design, More comfortable to hold and operate

    • Maximum Output 1100Lm, 50000h Lifespan, Orange Peel Reflector

    • Ultra-clear Tempered Glass Lens with Anti-reflective Coating

    • Wide Beam with Superior Distance

    • Rear forward tactical switch

    • Sturdy and durable

    • Dual anti-oxidant Gold-plated spring, avoid poor contact 





Product Description

XM L2 U3 LED: maximum output 1100lm, 50000h lifespan, orange peel reflector.

Ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating. Transmittance 98.5%.

Lighting Modes. Wide beam with superior distance. 1. 4 lighting modes:  low mid high turbo. 2. 1 hidden modes: signal. 3. Max output 1100lm. 4. Max intensity 13225cd. 5. Beam throw 230m.

Rear forward tactical switch. Environmental friendly waterproof silicone material plus wear-resisting feature.

Using method: 1. One switch with double operation method: click heavily to turn on/off and change modes directly flip for momentary on, click heavily for locked on. 2. Signal mode: when the B20 Pilot is closed, quickly double-click to get hidden signal mode.

Stainless Steel Clip: Sturdy and Durable. Anodized aircraft 6N01 aluminum alloy.  Type Ⅲ hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.

Low heat, excellent heat dissipation design, extend flashlight lifespan.

Appearance design: headstand, tailstand, anti-roll.

Dual anti-oxidant gold-plated spring can avoid the poor contact. Transverse conductive, reversive polarity protection, more secure. High efficiency drive circuit, runtime curve is more stable.

B20 L2 U3 is compatible with 18650 li-ion battery and 18700 li-ion battery.

Waterproof IPX8 (underwater 2m)

Application range: versatile. Max beam throw 230m, orange peel reflector, wide beam, beautiful floodlight, suitable for various usages.

B20 L2 U3 Size: 34.5*140.5*25.4mm Net Weight: 120g (Battery excluded).

XTAR B20 Sporting Flashlight Specifics

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