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Notice of Counterfeit Merchandise
Published in 2019-04-03 Come from XTAR

Notice of possible Counterfeit XTAR Merchandise!


A fair warning to our valued and loyal customers: beware of overseas dealers offering XTAR merchandise at significantly reduced prices. Like other growing brands with excellent product quality & service reputations, XTAR flashlight, battery-charger , battery and others have recently been targeted by unscrupulous copy-cat imposters—offering shabby replicas that are NOT XTAR made products. Beware of dealers shipping from outside the XTAR and its partners offering too-good to believe prices. There is a strong possibility you are buying a sub-standard product, and not a XTAR.


The best way to shut down counterfeiters is to inform consumers. Trust only verified, authorized XTAR dealers.  If you are concerned about a possible fake dealer, contact us at support Notice of possibleto confirm legitimacy.


Of late, we can’t readily identify the following dealers with a direct link to our brand and its partners. We highly recommend for the risk of our consumers that they be avoided and ignored for your XTAR sales consideration:


XTAR and its partners will not be supporting the warranty of products sold through this retailer. This list will be updated as needed.


Be very cautious of purchasing products through 3rd party suppliers on marketplace sites (Amazon, E-Bay, etc.) if you see prices that are listed well below the market or are shipping from overseas.


We are proud of our brand, and protective of our reputation for quality. We operate with integrity, and above all else, we value our customers. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience, and know every available XTAR resource is at work to alleviate this situation as quickly as possible.


The XTAR Management Team

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