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Will 20700 and 21700 battery be more popular than 18650?
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Introduction of 20700 and 21700

20700 cell(20mm diameter and 70mm high) is produced by Panasonic, targeting e-MTBs, the electric Mountainbikes. Status of the “20700” battery that has been reported to be going into Model 3, but lately CED Elon Musk of Tesla elaborated that they actually changed the size to 21mm diameter and a 70mm height. They also got rid of the trailing ‘0’ so the name of the battery that will be going into the Model 3 is the ’21-70′ battery. 


What are the differences of 20700 and 21700 compare to 18650 batteries?

The increasing cell dimensions of 20700 battery is about 10% results in 1.33 times the volume and energy storage. The Samsung 21700 cell is nominally rated at 4.750 Ah, is listed at 3.6 volts nominal and claimed to weigh 75 grams. Most 18650s are in the range of 45 to 48 grams. Straubel or Elon Musk of Tesla mentioned the new 21-70 battery had 40 percent more energy than the prior 18650 cell, which might put it around 4.8 Ah as well.


Why Tesla choose 21-70 for the cars?

The 18650 standard was called an accident of history though it had served Tesla and others well. JB Straubel says Tesla developed this battery this size by starting without preconceived notions. They then optimized for efficiency, size and output.  Tesla says it predicts that this new 21-70 battery size will become a new standard.

The half centimeter height increase for the car packs would be offset with more efficient battery packaging which will make the packs actually the same thickness or less than current packs and obviously with a higher energy density.


20700 battery VS 21700 battery, who will be the winner?

Tesla's Gigafactory, under construction in Sparks, Nevada will be the biggest lithium ion battery factory in the world. “If you add up all the lithium factories in China, Korea, Japan, elsewhere in the world, and you sum them all up, on all the production capabilities last year, the Giga factory is actually bigger than that. “ Tesla CEO Elon Musk said. 

Panasonic and Tesla will produce millions of 21700 batteries for the upcoming Model 3 car. Musk said that after Tesla gets the Model 3 out the door it will revisit whether or not it wants to make new Model S and Model X cars with the 21-70 batteries. By that time, 21700 might be produced in the largest number. 


Will 21700 battery replace 18650 in the future?

BMZ’s 3Tron battery system will be produced with big 21700 cells with less heat and up to 60% more capacity.

Samsung SDI has come up with a battery that has upgraded a maximum of 35% of energy volume, now known as the 21700 battery, and has successfully applied it onto e-bikes for the first in the world and is rumored to be using them in future BMW automobiles.

Will 21700 replace 18650 in the future and what do you think? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section.



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