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E-cig Lithium-ion Battery Safety Instruction
Published in 2018-08-16 Come from XTAR


According to the U.S. Fire Administration, between 2009 and 2014 there were 25 reports of e-cigarette battery exploding and now the number have risen to 204 e-cigarette explosions according to the Ecigone. And here are some cases:


James Vearncombe, 49, was taken to Southmead Hospital suffering severe burns after his vaping device exploded in his pocket.


A south Fulton County man is suffering from serious burns after his family says his e-cigarette batteries exploded in his pocket.


Long Island Man Says E-Cigarette Battery Exploded in Pocket inside Store, Stunning Customers.


Local man says e-cigarette charger exploded on him, caught on fire.


Horrific e-cigarette explosion tears young mum's eyelid in two after battery burst in her face.


Columbus man almost loses an ear in e-cigarette explosion.


Whatever vape devices you use for vaping, they all contain batteries with the potential for danger, and should be treated with care. And most of the battery explosions are caused by lithium-ion batteries which we should learn more about to avoid any accidents. 


Buy from a Reputable Supplier

It’s well worth being wary of cheap batteries and chargers and nobody wants to buy any fake products, too. A reputable supplier selling products with overcharge and over-discharge protection, full of certifications and be willing to spend money in testing the products.


Take a few minutes to see the user manuals 

Most of batteries will print some instructions like keep away from water, fire or children. And do not puncture or break a lithium-ion battery, it’s not funny and could result in a sudden massive discharge and eventually explode.


Store your batteries in a proper place

Extreme temperatures are the enemy of lithium-ion batteries and avoid storing the battery next to the radiators or direct sunlight. 


Go for a trusted brand

Research the brand and read reviews to make the best decisions on a reputable brand. Most of the e-cigarettes that were involved in these explosions are caused by using the wrong or cheap batteries. 


Use a battery case

Never carry your batteries with coins, keys or other metal object, instead, use a battery case. It could complete a circuit between the positive and negative ends of the battery and resulting in a possible explosion.


Select the right battery

If you are using an e-cigarette that uses removable battery, you will need to buy some batteries. Choose the right amps your devices required and the capacity you need.


Invest in a good charger

A smart charger typically offers more safety features than a standard charger like precise cut-off at termination voltage and never over charge the batteriesreverse-polarity protection and short circuit protectionusing three-step process involving pre-conditioning, constant current, and a final constant voltage and can even bring your “dead” battery back to life. Many lithium-ion battery failures are due to either overcharging or discharging and battery life will be shorten by overheating. 


Never use damaged batteries

If your battery is damaged or if the wrapper around the battery is faulty, you should immediately discontinue use and recycle the battery.

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