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The revolutionary of traditional chargers -- PB2!!
Published in 2018-12-24 Come from XTAR

In the daily use of electronic cigarettes, how to choose a beautiful and practical charger, we should pay attention to the unique side of the product.
XTAR has released a charger, the PB2, for both chargers and mobile power. It features the latest battery charge and discharge balancing technology, making all capacities available and maximizing the life span of each battery.
The conversion efficiency of ordinary chargers on the market is between 80% and 90%, while the conversion efficiency of XTAR PB2 charger is as high as 92%, small fuselage, but very powerful.
The digital display with digital tube on the front of the XTAR PB2 charger shows the battery quantity with 2.1A input capacity. In the actual use, the charging speed is very considerable.
With max 2Ax1 and 1Ax2 charging current, it can fully charge 1x2500mAh 18650 within 1.5 hours or 2 2500mAh 18650 in 3 hours.
XTAR PB2 size: height 110 mm, width 51 mm, thickness 24 mm, weight only 55 g.
The XTAR PB2 charger has two battery slots and can charge for 2 18650 lithium batteries at the same time. The back is the parameter of charging.
The input is 5V 2.1A, the output is 4.2V 1Ax2 or 2Ax1. UBS output is 5V 2.1A, so the input and output are good enough to support 2.1A charging and provide 1A and 2.1A power output. Fully charges iPhone 7 Plus within 2 hours.
XTAR PB2 is a revolutionary product that breaks with traditional chargers. It can charge 18650 batteries and be used as portable power bank. Most importantly, It is very light and portable, and the hand of the whole grindstone is very comfortable. It’s the perfect choice both for your journey and at home.
Whether the overall shape of the charger, or in the input, output and other functions, it has excellent performance and can bring consumers the best use of feeling.

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