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[2018-08-31]XTAR Vape Expo Korea 2018
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XTAR is actively preparing to participate in the Korea international vape exhibition in Korea on September 7-9, 2018.


The Gaoyang international vape exposition is the first vape exhibition held in Korea and attracts the attention of the globalvape consumers.By then,will have plenty of vapor senior enthusiasts and industry professionals involved, bring a great and profound culture of vape.


After more than ten years of industry shock and test, XTAR has won the trust of consumers because of its advanced technology, excellent quality and good reputation.Next, we will continue to adhere to the concept of bringing the best products and experience to our consumers, and continue to make breakthroughs and strive to achieve the best.


This trip to Korea coincides with the launch of the company's new products. We will also bring the best products to communicate with you.We are eager to get cooperative relations with more dealers and bring better products to more consumers. We welcome all interested people to negotiate with us.


Please do remember to write down our booth number E-017(Hall3,KINTEX).


September 7-9,Korea.We're here to meet you!



Exhibition information:

XTAR Booth#  E-017(Hall3,KINTEX)

2018Vape Korea Expo

Time: 7-9 September 2018

Address: Gaoyang, Korea


Contact information:

Shenzhen XTAR Electronics Co., Ltd

Tel: (+86)755-25507076


Address: 5th Floor, No.77 Xinhe Rd, Shangmugu, Pinghu Area, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518111

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