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[2018-03-28]XTAR Team Hiking in Shenzhen Bay
Published in 2019-02-21 Come from XTAR


On March 24th, 2018, XTAR team organized a happy green activity--Hiking in Shenzhen Bay for improving our group cohesiveness, strengthening the relationships and keeping healthy.


By starting from Shenzhen Bay Park-Sea Breeze Sports Plaza, we passed Shenzhen Bay Park, Tide Park, Chasing roller skating park, Universiade Torch Tower Memorial Plaza, mangrove forest, Egret Slope and other places. Finally, we arrived at Shangsha Culture Plaza after walking for 15 KM.



Shenzhen Bay had Coast Boardwalk, from mangrove forest to Sea World, the east side is mangrove wetland, and the west side is a long coastline. In nice weather, you can see amazing sights of some beautiful mountain, sea and sky.



The whole journey of 15 KM is not a small challenge for people who lacks of exercise, but we insist on finishing the hiking together and no one left behind. We saw the greenway and blue sky, the sea wind was blowing us on our face, it seems that we could listen to the sound of nature. Anyone will be attracted by the beautiful sights which can only be found here, and that why we like outdoor activities.



As one of the traditional activities, XTAR employees were walking on foot every year. The outdoor activity enriches our lives and improves our physical health, what’s more, it also proves that we are a big family that conquer any difficulties and continuously motivates us to be focused, reliable, and innovative.


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