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[2018-2-9]The “Best” Award from VAPINGINSIDER
Published in 2019-02-21 Come from XTAR


Thanks VAPINGINSIDER for awarding XTAR with the honor of the “BEST 2-BAY BATTERY CHARGER” and “BEST 4-BAY BATTERY CHARGER” in reviewing the whole year of 2017. And thanks for the great badge. We are very happy to know that XTAR products are trusted and chosen by Vaping Industry with a grateful and excited heart. 


It’s such an honor that XTAR VC2 and Rocket SV2 are chosen to be the “BEST 2-BAY BATTERY CHARGER”, and XTAR VC4 is chosen to be the “BEST 4-BAY BATTERY CHARGER”. The VC series is XTAR USB LCD Series with creative LCD screen displays and compatible with any USB power which is one of our best selling series and Rocket SV2 is one of our best selling chargers in fast charging series which can fully charger your batteries in 1.5hrs. And our latest product - the OVER 4 SLIM can fully and safely charge your batteries in 30 minutes!


The “Best” award is the symbol of people’s trust and confidence in XTAR and the products and affirmation for our work effort in 2017. We are glad to know that XTAR is being supported by the loyalty of numerous customers and fans. And with this great honor, we will keep working harder to create a better 2018!

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