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[2018-1-5]XTAR products liability insurance- Your Safety Mat
Published in 2019-02-21 Come from XTAR


Happy New Year and thanks to all supporters for being with XTAR along way in the past decade.


XTAR always insist one principle that is being Focus, Reliable, and Innovative. XTAR has full experiences in making high quality chargers, rechargeable batteries, and flashlights with a strict QC process and has full responsibility for your safety. Now we cover all XTAR batteries, chargers and flashlights with the product liability insurance.


Product liability insurance is something that could protect against claims for personal injury or property damage caused by a product we designed, sold or supplied. It can cover legal fees and compensation. All consumers who buy our products can enjoy the insurance without any worries.


The insurance come into force as of 22/12/2017, covered all around the world, available from the date that the products are sold or produced. If any accidents caused by our products, please contact us or directly contact CPIC (Hotline:+ 86 95500) for claims in 48 hours.


Your safety does matters to us and we will do what we can do to take care of your safety. Leave your any concerns to us and feel rest assure to use XTAR products.


*XTAR reserves the right of final interpretation

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