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[2017-09-11]XTAR New Battery--New Appearance Outside, Truste
Published in 2019-02-21 Come from XTAR

Every XTAR battery has been through many tests before sold to customers. With trustworthy quality, we now bring you batteries with a completely new look.


The basic colors of the battery design comes from the two types of XTAR blue, and the white font color is designed to make it easier for user to read the status clearly. Materials used for tubes are of solid quality, just durable as usual.


Positive/Negative poles are marked alongside the XTAR logo, from which users can figure out illustratively.



The battery’s true capacity is marked under the XTAR logo, decorated with light blue to highlight.




Detailed status of the battery are marked on the side of the battery laterally, from which one can easily handle the detailed information of the battery.



Rechargeable batteries are more environmental friendly, thus a longer lifespan requires better protections to avoid potential danger. XTAR batteries have gone through over-charge/over-discharge/short-circuit/shock resistance tests, to make sure every battery is trustworthy to work on different devices and conditions.


The new designing method is not only to bring on an elegant new look, but also for a better using experience, just like things we’ve been doing all the time--everything that is good for users will be done by every effort.


XTAR, the trustworthy power in your hands.

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