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[2017-09-08]XTAR New Package--Make After-sales Easier with O
Published in 2019-02-21 Come from XTAR

XTAR New Package is going to make the after-sales service easier than ever! Warranty card will no longer be needed! Many users throw away the packages once they get the products, sometimes the warranty card was neglected and thrown away together. But when it come to after-sales which warranty card is required, things just get complicated.


Our new package is designed to make things easier.



We're removing the warranty card to make after-sales easier for you. 


The warranty No., which will play the part in after-sales services instead of the warranty card, will be pasted on the package and the back of the product. 


With the warranty No., you can get your after-sales service easily with your product and the receipt.



The warranty No. on the package and the back of the product are exactly the same. It prevents swapping and let more people get guaranteed XTAR products.



The anti-counterfeit label, which was pasted on the warranty card, will be pasted on the package instead, along with the warranty No.


Both versions of XTAR packages will be sold in the market simultaneously. Previous packages without warranty No. can still get after-sales service with the warranty card, so be rest assured that all XTAR products are under all-around after-sales protection. 

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