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[2017-08-21]NN MOST Night Run with XTAR Ended Successfully
Published in 2019-02-21 Come from XTAR

On Saturday 12th, Aug, 2017, Most street 1st Square held an adventure race, the 3rd year NN Night Run. It started registrations in 16 hours before the race. The competitors could get a XTAR MOON flashlight where starting package places. Runners could clip the XTAT MOON flashlight to the collar, or clip it with the waist bag on their waist, and switches to different lighting modes as they like, high, mid, low, moonlight and strobe.


As time going it began to get dark, both organizers and competitors realized that it was a sign that the race was starting. At 20:10 the race finally began. With the XTAR MOON flashlights, the competitors running fast and safe.



The first took place at the finish line, Petr Zuda from Usti nad Labem with a time of 0:17:55, just after he finished the second winner Jakub Patúc from TJ RPM Chomutov with a time of 0:18:42 and the third winner went to Miroslav Burian of CEPR Team with a time of 0:18:51. The winners will award a prize bag including the XTAR MOON flashlight. Congratulations to the winners!



The event was attended by about 1,200 runners of different ages, both men and women and children. The event was very successful; runners and organizers were happy with huge thanks. We are so happy that XTAR could take part in this race with you. Competitors and XTAR are looking forward to the next year races which will be held 11. 08. 2018, again in Most. Thanks to all runners choose XTAR MOON and hope everybody enjoy a healthy life!

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