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[2017-08-10]XTAR VAPE SOUTH AMERICA ECIG Exhibition 2017
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XTAR is going to attend the VAPE SOUTH AMERICA E-cig Exhibition which will take place on 1-2 Sept. 2017 at the Plaza Mayor Medellin, Colombia.
When the FDA deeming regulations were first announced in May of 2015, the vaping business in US was affected and many companies now are looking for emerging markets in South America includes Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Panama, etc. 
This is the first Central and South America Vape Convention and it’s also our first trade show in Colombia. The strength of guiding us to fly a long way there is that we want to make sure the local people are away from any charging dangerous and know how to take care of rechargeable batteries in a best way. 
Knowing what customers really need and can benefit them is what we done and we are eager to cooperate with local sellers to serve people with better products and make contributions to the vaping industry together in South America. 
Our booth number and contact information as shown below. Welcome to make an appointment with us and hope to see you soon in Colombia!
Exhibition information:
XTAR Booth# J4, J5
Plaza Mayor Medellin, Colombia 
1-2 Sept. 2017
Contact information:
Shenzhen XTAR Electronics Co., Ltd 
Tel: (+86)755-25507076
Address: 5th Floor, No.77 Xinhe Rd, Shangmugu, Pinghu Area, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518111

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