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[2017-07-20]XTAR--NN Night Run Official Partner
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To advocate the spirit of being healthy and positive, XTAR participates and supports sports events for a long time. This time, XTAR brings the EDC flashlights MOON  to Czech Most city for the NN Night Run races on August 12, 2017. With the MOON flashlight around your waist you will have a better night running experience, not only light up the road and also free your hands.


Clip everywhere you like and light up anywhere you go.

The MOON flashlight is a rechargeable one and can be clipped at the backpack when you hiking, clipped at the tent when you camping, clipped at the collar when you reading, and also clipped at the wrist when you running or jogging. It is also a good choice for cycling and walking dog.

It has two colors of grey and blue, and only weights 87.5g which will be easy to carry. Three illumination levels for high, mid, and low to switch as you like. 18h lasts at low illumination level.

When: August 12, 2017.
Where: Most - 1.náměstí
1. What NN NIGHT RUN is?
It's a night running contest held in Czech Republic once a year, everyone can take part into it. 
2. Character of the races?
The main objective is to feel the satisfaction of the performance of each competitor’s own attributed, rather than achieving extreme performance.
3. The length of the race?
It depends on concrete possibilities of selected destinations in Czech Republic in a range of 10 kilometers, and according to the difficulty of the terrain, that really anyone can finish the race.
4. The target group?
People engaged in active or fun run. Competitors and hobby runners are in the range 16-69 years of age.
Take your time to enjoy this night run races and let us sustain attention on this race together. Moreover, each first prize winner will gain one MOON flashlight suit, looking forward to the winners. Stay healthy, keep running and win MOON! 
Direct link to NN Night Run: Click me

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