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[2017-07-10]I WANT MOON Winners Announced
Published in 2019-02-21 Come from XTAR

As the I WANT MOON activity comes to an end on July 5th, we hereby to annouce the winners of the contest and show our congrats: )





For @bwhoi ,congratulations for winning the first prize, 200 dollars!



And for the following participants, @arno_tinel @nadia_nurhaliza @samsung3photo @barker507 @j_macko @nrimanzaid @iqbaltwkl , congratulations for winning a MOON flashlight!


Attention: Please make sure you have followed us on Instagram @xtar_official and pay attention to the announcement.Contact XTAR before 2017/7/20 to get the prize, otherwise winners will be considered as having given up their right to claim their prizes.


Follow our official accounts for upcoming giveaway contests!




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