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[2017-05-05]XTAR Vapitaly 2017 Ecig Exhibition
Published in 2019-02-21 Come from XTAR


XTAR is going to attend the Vapitaly International E-cig Exhibition which will take place on 20-22 May 2017 at the Verona, Italy. 


This is our first trade show in Italy! Glad to be in a fascinating and fashion country and people there are well known for their attention of dressing-up well as the Italian saying goes “la bella figura” (a good impression) and live a quality life. 


As XTAR is well-known with high quality and high cost effective products, and better products with higher quality and requirements are needed for the local market. Knowing what is best for people and producing high quality products to satisfy people is what we do and we are eager to cooperate with local sellers to fulfill people’s wishes and help to create a quality life together. 


And it’s also a great opportunity for consumers to meet us at the show face to face! A Variety of chargers is going to be shown on exhibitions to feast your eyes! 


For media request and professional reviewers, If you want to boom your blogs, TV channels or increases your fans, XTAR will be there waiting for you. Write down our booth number and welcome to make an appointment with us!

Stay Powered and Vape On! Italy! 


Exhibition information:


20-22 May 2017

XTAR Booth#H06 (Hall 10)

Veronafiece – Hall 10 – Entrance: Re Teodorico, Viale dell’Industria, 37135 Verona


Contact information:

Shenzhen XTAR Electronics Co., Ltd 

Tel: (+86)755-25507076


Address: 5th Floor, No.77 Xinhe Rd, Shangmugu, Pinghu Area, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518111

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