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[2017-4-28]There is no excuse to ever be without VENUS WK16,
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The top EDC flashlight has to be convenient to carry. It has to have a comfortable weight and be able to be carried on your body. First and foremost, your next every day carry light must be powerful and bright, so the VENUS WK16 emerges with a compact shape and high output for daily light.VENUS WK16 is known for its name from the galaxy which means the brightest of star in April and flashlights that redefine what it means to be bright.



The highly efficient CREE-XP-G3 LED outputs up to 550 lumens and is perfect for emergency lighting with 125-meter beam distance. Its small size, high output and strobe mode make it the perfect all-purpose light, powered by 1*AA NI-MH/1*AA ALKA/1*14500 Li-ion battery, making it easy to find battery. 


Size And Shape

VENUS’tail tap switching controls all functions of this 98mm-long light, the whole lightweight is only 44.3g and small size into go-anywhere.Barely larger than the single 18650 battery, the tiny VENUS disappears into a pocket or your palm, making sure you never have to say, "I wish I had a flashlight. With the VENUS, there is no excuse to ever be without a flashlight.



The VENUS WK16 made from 6N03 aircraft specifications with hard anodized , and the shock-proof LED ensures the delivery of light regardless of the circumstance. Bright, reliable and rugged, they’re up for more than just daily duty which is applications including searching, camping, hiking, hunting or even use as an emergency light when suffering a power outage, it depends on your specific needs.


For more details.please visite VENUS WK16 with flahslight EDC series.

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