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[2017-03-03]KINDNESS IN YOUR HANDS - Donation to Animal Welf
Published in 2019-02-21 Come from XTAR


There are thousands of animals lost, abused, or abandoned by irresponsible guardians everyday. They have no food to eat, no shelter, no caring when they are sick. Animal welfare groups are dedicated to save those helpless animals. Feed them, heal them, and find warm home for them.


Ever since the foundation of XTAR, we think about how to be an environment-friendly company and performing the social responsibility. So last year, in the end of 2016, XTAR planned and donated some edc flashlights with batteries to four animal welfare groups in the United States. Hopefully these portable and high lumen flashlights can contribute to better searching of stray animals at night and for daily use.


The donated flashlights have received many positive feedback from the staffs of welfare societies. Dee from Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) told us: ”They are a great help looking for animals in dark buildings, and at night.” ”But they are so useful, the officers like that they are compact and can be wore on their uniforms.” “They are much brighter than the ones they had.”


We are glad that XTAR flashlights are helpful. It is an honor to give a hand when people are doing something respectable. As the brand slogan Power in your hands, XTAR would like to be the power that you can use to defend the things you like.


Moreover, we advocate people to get involved in caring and protecting animals together. Because that animals need to live a quality life without molestation just like human beings do. Action now, find the animal welfare group near your home, volunteer or donate as you can.

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