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[2016-11-08] Honorably Return! New DARKWALKER RC1 is coming!
Published in 2019-02-21 Come from XTAR

Brighter now! Recently, for constantly pursuing a better user experience, XTAR has made a significant improvement in DARKWALKER RC1 to upgrade the LED lamp and increase the light modes. Basing the micro USB rechargeable function, the new DARKWALKER RC1 will become more convenient and practicable.


XTAR always concentrates on providing better products for our customers. The new DARKWALKER RC1 is equipped with a superb LED lamp, XP-L V6, which has 50000h lifespan and maximum output 800lm, bringing your more surprises. Another obvious change you can see is that DARKWALKER RC1 could provide 4 optional modes including moonlight (3lm), low (60lm), high (300lm) and turbo (800lm), satisfying your more application requirements in your daily life. 

DARKWALKER, get you through the dark.


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