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[2016-11-04]Photo Contest Winner Announcement
Published in 2019-02-21 Come from XTAR

Before 0am, November 4th, we have received 219 valid votes (repeated votes and delayed votes are not included). There are the top 5 photos:


Number 1 by Sergey Stetsura (46 votes)


Number 2 by Federico Donati (34 votes)


Number 3 by Boris M. Petrov (21 votes)


Number 4 by Anna Kalinina (19 votes)


Number 5 by Vyacheslav Losev (16 votes)


Winners will be informed soon by email. Thanks all the participators and voters, your enthusiasm give us great inspiration. Register on our website and follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Youtube, we will bring you more surprises in the future.

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