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[2016-10-31]TAKE A SHOT - Top 20 Photos Release Now! Vote fo
Published in 2019-02-21 Come from XTAR

Thanks all the participators in the past two week, we are so impressed by your talent and imagination!


Here below are the top 20 photos in this photo contest. (In no particular order.) 

You are encouraged to leave the number of the best photo on the message list below.

* You only have one vote for one photo, additional vote does not count.


#1 Quick Comment: The color of the photo is stable. The composition of a picture has followed the Golden Mean. Good exposure and sharpness, the leaves and articles for daily use have made a shallow depth of field and a feeling of daily life.


#2 Quick Comment: High stability of the color and composition. Good concept ignites your imagination about water plants, tadpoles, the beginning of life, and so on.


#3 Quick Comment: The color is stable, with good exposure and sharpness. E-liquid, e-cigarette and car adapter is suitable to be put here presenting the convenient usage of XTAR charger.


#4 Quick Comment: The color is stable, with good exposure and sharpness. Interesting concept: a leisure cat hugging the charger gives you a feeling of relaxation and reliability. The expression of the cat is impressive.


#5 Quick Comment: The color is stable, with good exposure and sharpness.


#6 Quick Comment: Stable color and composition, with good exposure and sharpness.


#7 Quick Comment: Good exposure and sharpness, Magnificent scenery with Gold Mean composition.


#8 Quick Comment: Stable color and sharpness, excellent exposure, interesting concept. 


#9 Quick Comment: Stable color with good exposure and sharpness. The concept of the photo is excellent: the depth of the field stand out the charging charger, with the background of user reading books, which gives you a feeling of reassuring. 


#10 Quick Comment: Grand display, good sharpness and quality. 


#11 Quick Comment: Good composition and elements. 


#12 Quick Comment: Interesting concept to show the reflective LCD screen of charger.


#13 Quick Comment: Good exposure, sharpness, and elements. 


#14 Quick Comment: The model is cute with good posture.


#15 Quick Comment: Funny concept and good composition.


#16 Quick Comment: Stable composition with interesting concept.


#17 Quick Comment: Rich elements, the author must be a pretty girl.


#18 Quick Comment: Good quality and stable color.


#19 Quick Comment: Landmark building as background - the monument for the Heraklion shipwreck. 


#20 Quick Comment: Good quality and exposure.


Which one is your favorite? Vote now! The deadline of voting is 12pm, November 3rd (UTC+8 Time). And winner of the top 5 photos will be released on November 4th. Please stay close to our website for the result.


Feel pity about missing the contest? Or the photo you send did not be picked into top 20? Do not worry, maybe we will hold anther photo contest very soon. So you are welcome to follow us on facebook, twitter, youtube, and stay close to our website!

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