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[2016-10-18] How Do People Think About XTAR DRAGON VP4 Plus?
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Recently, XTAR team have done a simple survey about how do people think about DRAGON VP4 Plus in two forums, (BLF) and (VU), both are the two of the biggest forums where people discuss about XTAR products.
How we do it?
We simply opened one same thread in two different forums and asked people questions in sequence.
Here are the threads:
The results of the survey:
One of the questions is: What’s the function(s) of DRAGON VP4 Plus that impress you the most?


Different people have different preferences of DRAGON VP4 Plus.
The top 2 are the battery test functions and the Multi-meter function that include testing the battery internal resistant and battery capacity.
Why people want to use these two functions as the top of their choices in DRAGON?
XTAR find out the result by asking them another question: What’s the benefit(s) of testing the battery actual capacity and internal resistance?

As you can see from the results, testing the battery capacity and battery internal resistance gets a lot of benefits for users for different purposes. The top 4 is to know battery health, avoid a safety disaster, check new battery meet the specs and get good performance for devices.
Why users do that?
Here is the explanation:
1. Know battery health: Checking the battery capacity and internal resistance can get an overall evaluation of the battery health and condition.
2. Avoid a safety disaster: If the users find out that there is not much real capacity left in the battery or with the high internal resistance which may cause high heat, the users can quickly replace or recycle the battery to avoid a safety disaster.
3. Check new battery meet the specs: Checking the new battery with the specs from the manufacturers, users can know if the battery is overstated or if the battery is good or not. And checking the new battery from different wholesalers, users can know if they are selling fake or original batteries.
4. Get good performance for devices: Getting the data of actual capacity and internal resistance of the battery, you can know how much capacity is left to estimate the duration and operation and to know if the battery is suitable to use for high drain devices which require low internal resistance.
Different people prefer different features of DRAGON VP4 Plus. And most people prefer the test functions that include testing the battery internal resistance and battery capacity which can bring lots of benefits for them for varieties of flexile usages.
DRAGON VP4 Plus is a charger that cover all people’s needs, a personal battery doctor that all people can rely on.
In order to show the authority of this survey, this is the user name list of the participants from two forums(Total participants: 173):
Participants from (BLF):


Participants from (VU):

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