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[2016-10-17]TAKE A SHOT - XTAR Charger Photography Competiti
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To celebrate the new product of MC series - QUEEN ANT MC6, we are holding a photography competition worldwide! And pick up 5 winners of QUEEN ANT MC6 from participants.
Let us take a sneak peek of the prize - QUEEN ANT MC6



1. Send the pictures of your any XTAR chargers and email to with the title: TAKE A SHOT + Product Model (like MC6) +Your Name
2. Let’s vote to choose the winners! We will pick up top 20 pictures of all participants and let’s vote to choose the final 5 best pictures on!


Sending Photos Deadline: Oct. 17th 2016 - Oct. 30th 2016
Voting Date: Oct. 31st 2016 - Nov. 3rd 2016 on
Winner Announcement: Nov. 4th 2016


Tips to help you win:
1. More pictures, bigger chance to win. Not limited quantity of the pictures you send.
2. High resolution images are preferred.
3. Beautiful background or usage scenarios are preferred.
4. XTAR charger should be the main role in the pictures.
Reference image below:


1. XTAR has the right to use all the photos submitted.
2. Photos submitted must be original works of the author.
3. If people are included in the photo, ensure their permission is obtained before releasing the photo.
4. Make sure your photos are taken in a safe environment and do not display any illegal/unsafe behavior or scenarios.
5. XTAR reserves the right to explain the terms of the event.

If you have any further question, please leave your message below.

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