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[2016-09-20]The 4th VAPE EXPO CHINA
Published in 2019-02-21 Come from XTAR

October 17-19th, one of the largest international vape exhibitions, the 4th VAPEXPO will be held at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. This is an international grand event of electronic cigarette industry. There are about 500 exhibitors from all around the world which will attend this VAPEXPO. XTAR will be honor to exhibit on this grand event at booth AT06.

During this VAPEXPO, we will hold a new conference to bring you two new release XTAR chargers. One is DRAGON VP4 Plus, which is XTAR new professional testing charger with user-friendly interface that everyone can use. Another is QUEEN ANT MC6, the most portable 6-slot charger you can meet. More details you can learn on the spot! Both new products will bring you surprises!
On this big event of XTAR 10th anniversary, not only the new products, but our new visual identity will also make you impressive. The new VI expresses our firm determination to a new start.
Expect to meet you in Beijing - the capital of China! Finding the booth AT06, there will be some wonderful giveaways and activities waiting for you.
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