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[2016-07-15]Winner of slogan contest: XTAR - Power in your h
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Thanks for everyone’s passion in participating in XTAR slogan contest and we are very happy to tell you that we have received more than 450 slogans! As you may know, we postponed the time to announce the winner, and the reason is that you all submitted so many great and amazing slogans that we need more time in thinking, reviewing and checking each of your slogans, the impression about XTAR, the slogan explanation and so on and choosing out the best one is like climbing up to the top of the mountain and we need to take care of each step we go.

From July 5th to July 15th, we spent 10 days three meetings to discuss and we were all impressed to know that most people are trusting XTAR because of the quality and the reliability. We all think that a slogan should express XTAR mission and XTAR - Power in your hands can explain it all!

Here is the explanation of Martin who wins the slogan contest and he is a medical engineer living in Austria and a flashaholic for some years now.


XTAR - Power in your hands!

Power in your hands is not only the raw energy which is stored in XTAR batteries.
It's not only the bright light produced by XTAR flashlights.
It is also the power to economically transfer energy using XTAR chargers to charge your batteries.

The Power in your hands was created by the XTAR engineering team and severely tested by Quality Control to ensure maximum safety and customer satisfaction. XTAR produces and ships that items so the end user can easily unleash that power.

That Power in your hands is the result of all the ideas and energy XTAR puts into a product following their Mission. Now it's up to you use it!


Congratulations for Martin and thanks for the great and detailed explanation of the slogan! And we want to elaborate more for our customers.

Since 2006, XTAR have focused on making safe, quality and reliable products and providing dependable services for 10 years. We represent China’s Got Quality and we will insist on delivering the safety, the reliability and the power to your hands. The power that you can rely on and take control of your own lives, the power that brings you the strength and the confidence that makes you feel rest-assured, the power that strengthens you to take care of your lovers, friends and family!

The reliability is also the standard and the basis of XTAR when we strive for innovation and perfection. We satisfy normal users and professional big fans with the advanced technologies and let you feel the power of future technology when you are holding XTAR products.

XTAR - Power in your hands!

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