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[2016-06-29]An unexpected but reasonable true story from an
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Today morning, we received an email from Croatia which tells a story about one dive. Here is the story: last week Filip was diving in Kornati National Park, Croatia. Then he found a flashlight on the sea floor. After putting the light in vinegar and charging for a day, to everyone’s surprise, everything of the flashlight still works well.


This revived flashlight, is XTAR diving flashlight D06!


Filip was so impressed by the good quality of D06 so he wrote this email to us. And we were also very excited about this story. As the saying goes: no pain, no gain. It seems that any efforts you once paid can get reward afterwards. Therefore we have more confidence in insisting on things we want to do: made quality product, and redefine Made-in-China. Customers can always feel our determination from XTAR products.


Furthermore, by checking the production code, this D06 was send to Bosnia in November, 2014. If you have any information about this flashlight you are welcome to email us.


Below is the screenshot of Filip's email and the pictures he sent us.

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