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[2016-06-22]XTAR sponsors KAKI VAPOR for Mavex Asia 2016
Published in 2019-02-21 Come from XTAR

Congratulation to Malaysian distributor KAKI VAPOR for successful exhibit at Mavex Expo in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from May 28th-29th. Popular chargers and new release products SIX-UROCKET and ANT of XTAR have got great attention of visitors and exhibitors on the venue.


XTAR not only provides high quality chargers, batteries, and flashlights to distributors all around the world, but also various promotion support. These promotion support include offline exhibition sponsor, advertising materials (poster, catalogue, display rack, etc), and online promotional videos, giveaways, advertisements. In brief, anything that can raise awareness of XTAR brand and help distributors to increase sales, we are willing to implement.


XTAR believes that cooperation and service are as important as excellent products, so we want to cooperate more with our distrubutors to grown up together.


This year, American end users can have aftersales service directly from XTAR after registering at our website. For wholesalers, you only need to consider selling and we will do the rest. For end users, you can get direct and prompt service from XTAR.


Wholesale XTAR products, wholesale a bright future! Click here to become our distributor.


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