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[2016-06-12]XTAR Slogan Wanted! Prize Money $1000 USD!
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Before answering questions to win $1000 USD as “Thank you” in the slogan contest, you can learn more about XTAR and get inspired.


Company Introduction:


You can also get more information of XTAR mission as below:

A. Reliable. XTAR provides high quality products and reliable services. People in XTAR dedicate themselves to taking social responsibility in environmental protection and energy saving, improving people’s quality of life and ensuring a safe living environment.

B. Focused. XTAR pays great attention to every detail in designing or producing products in a field for almost 10 years. We believe details can make a big difference in people's lives.

C. Innovative. XTAR strives for innovation and creation to satisfy normal users and professional big fans and eager to pursue the higher standards and perfection. Meanwhile, enjoying a high reputation and taking the leading position in electronic industry. 


How to Enter:
1. Register at XTAR website ( and answer two questions on the message list below:
1) What’s your impression of XTAR?
2) What slogan would you like to write for XTAR?
2. Spread the word and tell your friends, family or others to participate for a chance to win!


Money USD$1000 in cash!!


The contest will run from June 13th until July 4th (The contest is over now, winner will be announced soon). The winner of USD$1000 as a“Thank you”to the member whose slogan we choose will be announced and informed on XTAR official website ( on July 5th (GMT+8), 2016 (Sorry to inform that the announcement will be delayed to July 15th. Thanks to your enthusiasm that we have received lots of good slogans and we need some time to pick carefully).

Please Note: 
1. The slogan must not contain any erotic or violent contents. Any violators of this regulation will be disqualified.
2. The information you provide will be used for this competition only and will not be shared with any other party.
3. If there are more than one people submitted the same slogan, we will choose by the submitted time as priorities.
4. One participant can submit more than one slogan.
5. Slogans should be written in English.
6. XTAR will own the copyright to the winning slogan.
7. XTAR reserves all rights about this event.
Notice: the announcement will be delayed to July 15th. Thanks to your enthusiasm that we have received lots of good slogans and we need some time to pick carefully. Thank you for your patient!

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