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[2016-05-31]MOON RC2, the most multipurpose light is coming
Published in 2019-02-21 Come from XTAR


What if you can have a mobile “moon” with you anywhere when you are running, camping, fishing or reading at night? You have the chance now. MOON RC2 is a portable light that can be fixed anywhere to light up and free your mind!


Usage 1: Sports
The patent shape of MOON is elegant and very comfortable to hold. The clip is anti-skid so you can fix it firmly on your waist with a waist belt when you are running or doing other sports to free your head and hand.


Usage 2: Reading
The MOON can stand steady on its four sides, so you can put the MOON on desk to read more comfortably. MOON is also flicker-free LED Light which can provide real continuous light to avoid invisible threats and protect your eyes.


Usage 3: Outdoors & Camping
MOON can be used in dog walking, hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities. Especially when you are camping, MOON can be your navigation light at night. When you are going to fall asleep, moonlight mode can give you a sense of security to help you sleep well in the wild.


Usage 4: Car Repairing
Taking MOON with you when driving, it can be charged in car with its micro USB charging port and a car adaptor. When the car breaks down unexpectedly, you can use MOON to light up the dark and repair the car at anytime.


Usage 5: Emergency
MOON has 5 LED Lighting Modes (Strobe/High/Mid/Low/Moonlight) for different purposes, choosing Strobe mode to get attention when you need help. MOON can work well even if it rains with IPX6 waterproof.


With the advantages of XTAR technologies, we inserted a high quality battery with multiple protection to ensure your safety. And we built a professional charging system with exclusive charging method to prolong the battery life. With MOON, you can always light up and free your mind! Click here to learn more details of MOON.

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