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[2016-04-05]XTAR has been awarded the highest energy efficie
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XTAR SIX-U, 5V/2.1A wall adaptors, 12V/2A wall adaptors and 12V/1A wall adaptors all have been awarded the highest energy efficiency rating (Energy Efficiency Level VI) by the US Dept. of Energy (DOE).

In December, 2004, California adopted energy standards passed legislation for external power supplies, called California Energy Commission (CEC). And now in 2016, US DOE Issues Energy Efficiency Level VI for External Power Supplies and go into effect in the US on Feb. 10th.

The newest efficiency regulations meet our corporate social responsibility by making efficient and quality products to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the world. And XTAR will always sacrifice short-term benefits for long-term benefits and stay ahead of others in energy conservation and environment protection.

Passing Energy Efficiency Level VI is just one step in our way to pursue “greener” and more efficient products. XTAR will always be the first one to act and make contributions by letting people using high efficient products and also help XTAR distributors to earn the future market with highest efficiency products which will never fall behind in ages.

Think ahead, save our planet and be the first one to act!

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