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2016 TPE successfully closed on Friday, March 18 at Las Vegas Convention Center. XTAR displayed its most popular chargers on this three-day event for buyers from all around the world. The innovative design, distinct LCD screen display, powerful functions and rigorous quality control of XTAR chargers draw great interest of attendees and other exhibitors.


XTAR has always been pursuing the best quality of products and the best service that meet customer needs. After years of development, the company's chargers and service enjoy a good reputation between end users and distributors.


In this show, we are very happy that a lot of people come to our booth includes reviewers who are interested in making videos of XTAR products and also the media which want to introduce our latest products for their fans. It is glad to see that more and more people are able to know and experience XTAR products in an easier way.


Besides, we also displayed our upcoming fast charging charger that has the unprecedented charging speed and compatibility. Want to get more information about the new charger? Keep an eye on XTAR website and make an appointment with us in XTAR next show!


 Photo with client


 Being interviewed by VAPING360/RPAD.TV


Paris, Benz and Bear(from left to right)

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