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[2016-01-21]XTAR 45W 6- Port USB Charger – U1 SIX-U will be
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USB power is the most widely used in the world and so many USB devices like Smartphones, Tablets, E-cigs, Electronic Watches, USB Battery Chargers, MP3/MP4, Bluetooth Headset and more, that fills our lives.


And the problem will come when so many USB adaptors fill our desk, fill our sockets, that’s why we launch XTAR 45W 6- Port USB Charger that can charge 6 devices at a time and solve your everyday troubles like looking for countless adaptors everywhere or don’t have enough sockets for whole family charging.


But we are not the first person who has this idea, we are the improver. We have the ability to make it faster, smarter and more affordable.


XTAR was founded in 2006, the time when power bank was established its market image as a new product. We began to research the USB output technologies long time ago and successfully used USB output technologies in XTAR WP2II in 2011, the first battery charger with power bank function in the world.


XTAR 45W 6- Port USB Charger is the combination of all advanced technologies, it’s faster and smarter. Built-in Microchip is like the brain of a USB charger. It communicates with your devices and delivers the fastest charge up to 2.4A max per port. Fully charge iPad Air just takes 4.25 hrs, faster than any normal chargers.


You don’t have to know technologies behind the products like Synchronous Rectification and Voltage Compensation Technologies or what the full advanced safety system is. You just need to know that it’s a more affordable multi-port USB charger with advanced quality that can always charge your devices as quickly and safely as possible.


Say hello to an easier, smarter and more affordable life. SIX-U will be available soon, contact XTAR local distributors in your countries and let SIX-U be the most suitable for your friends, your family and U!

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