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Founded in 2006, XTAR has been specializing in the development and manufac ture of high quality Li-ion batteries, smart chargers, and LED flashlights.

XTAR has experienced R&D department and self-contained factory, so we are al so capable of providing OEM/ODM services to clients with special requirements.

XTAR has established a long-term relationship with distributors, purchasers, and manufacturers from various industries like e-cigarette, diving and outdoor sports, tac tical operations, law enforcements, medical and industrial equipment, etc...MORE>>

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XTAR, a brand owned by Shenzhen XTAR Electronics Co., Ltd, specializes in producing chargers, flashlights, batteries and related accessories. The XTAR R&D team are dedicate to quality, creativity and innovation. Our raw material suppliers are strictly selected.
XTAR specializes in producing quality chargers, flashlights, batteries and related accessories.
Only them could use the authorized logo of XTAR, possess their own running number, sell authentic XTAR products (anti-fake code is provided to verify its authenticity) and get the newly-released products.
XTAR also offers OEM & ODM service. Those who need OEM & ODM service are warmly welcomed.
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Affiliate can authorize and sell XTAR official and latest products.

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